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Hello from the founder

Birth and Beyond was inspired by Petrina O'Halloran whilst pregnant with her second daughter Aisling. During her pregnancy she saw how pregnant women were missing out on vital support and knowledge that they need for a positive birth and post-partum experience. 

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My Story

Ever since the birth of my first child, I have wanted to work with both pregnant and post-partum women.  My wish is to provide the best pregnancy, birth and post-partum experience possible. I realised in the middle of my own post-partum, that not only have you given birth to a baby, but you are also new to the role of mother. This new role comes with a plethora of obligations and responsibilities previously unknown.  In the midst of this transition the new mother is often forgotten about with all the focus and attention geared towards the new baby.

To cope with these new stresses I started blogging about motherhood after Isobel was born in 2018.  This provided the opportunity to interact with other new mothers to share our new experiences.  This greatly helped me to deal with my new role as mother.

After a difficult start to breastfeeding with my first-born and a severe lack of support, I know we need to do better for new mums. So in 2021 Mama's Boobie Box was born, a breastfeeding gifts and products business. Mama's Boobie Box also provides a range of support through their social channels.

I am so excited to meet each and every one of you at our events and together with our guest speakers we look forward to welcoming you to Birth and Beyond!

Petrina x

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